Duinkerken Gluten Free Bread

Today we are going to review the Duinkerken brand Gluten Free Bread. This is a pre-packaged flower blend you just need to add water, vegetable oil, yeast and eggs. I will look at the instructions, how easy are they to follow, do they leave out anything. Next will look, does the end product look like the box or marketing material and finally we will see how it teases.

As always be sure you READ ALL of the direction before you begin and cooking or baking. That said these instructions are pretty clear, they have at the top what ingredients you will need to add to the flour blend. The baking directions are broken down into 3 categories perp, mix and bake. Be sure to read these all before you do anything. you may end up wasting energy with a preheated oven any nothing to go in it for 20 min or so. Over all the directions are very clear and easy to follow.

Look and Feel:
There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the house, If it tasted as good as it smelled I was in for a treat. As you can tell from the image above the result was identical to the box. The loaf is a bit heavy but that is expected for gluten free bread. 10/10 on delivering the promis of what is on the box.

Taste Test:
I was not let down in the taste department. Most gluten-free bread you have to toast just to make it edible, this was not bad, you could taste a little of the rice flavour gluten-free but it was not overpowering like in some promise. It is a dence bread so it will fill you up.

Over All:
I found this to be a very good bread but at around $5 cnd for a box that makes only a single loaf, you can buy the pre-made bread from the grocery store for about the same price so you will not be saving any money by making this bread. It does taste good and was easy to make, only required a few ingredients you likely have so if you enjoy a nice homemade bread then I recommend it

Duinkerken Food Inc is an Atlantic Canadian company you can read their story Here

by Brian Marshall

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