Is This Gluten-Free?

A common question I am asked almost daily by my co-workers and friends.
So what can we do to help out our gluten loving friends that just can’t comprehend that cookies and cake are made with wheat flour and so is pizza!?

When all else fails I have adopted referring to items with gluten as POISON. When I am asked if I can have it, I simply look at it or look it up and then simply say “yes” or “Poison” because “no” was always followed by “why” and then when you go into the gluten speech they glaze over and you get to have the same conversation in an hour’s time at the meeting that someone brought donuts to.

Poison everyone relates to as bad, and it never hurts to remind yourself why you can’t eat the yummy thing emitting its glutenous fragrance all over the office.

It can be frustrating at times having to tell people over and over but remember they are trying and they do care.

by Brian Marshall

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